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Our Incendin portfolio covers everything from fluorine-free fire extinguisher foams and liquids to flame-retardant coatings and additives. You can count on us to develop the perfect formulation for your challenge.

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Flame Retardant solutions for MDF and HDF Panels
Our specialized fire-retardant formula is specifically designed for MDF and HDF wood based panels. The product is a stable dispersion composed of a series of toxic-free substances that reinforce each other and result in an important number of advantages.
Flame Retardant for Particle Board
Our PB range has a chemical additive used to produce flame retardant wood-based panels, especially particle boards (chipboards). It is formulated for perfect compatibility with wood composite panels based on (M)UF Resins and to achieve Euroclass B accordingEN 13501-1. The product is a whitish fine granulate. It is a non-halogenated flame retardant additive mixture based...
Flame Retardant for Natural Fibre Insulation
Ecochem has a powerful fire retardant formula developed to significantly improve the fire rating of wood fibre-based thermal insulation. The product can also be used to improve the fire class of other insulation types based on flax, hemp, and cellulose. Our chemical engineers have succeeded in developing a flame retardant additive that does not...
Flame retardant additive for OSB Panels
This range of flame retardants additives are used to produce flame retardant wood and cellulose based construction products, including OSB and MDF.
Aluminium Trihydroxide
Aluminium Trihydroxide is an inert filler that, due to its good thermal stability, is used in a wide variety of end-uses. This range ATH types are designed to meet the visual performance desired by the cast polymer industry. The unique surface chemistry provides a white color and translucency in coating applications.
Flame retardant additive for the Paper Finishing Industry
We developed a very robus flame retardant additive for the paper finishing industry. This clear liquid provides flame retardant behavior to cellulose based materials which can be easily applied in the production process.
Zinc Borate
Zinc Borate is a zinc containing flame retardant: Zinc compounds were initially developed as smoke suppressants for PVC. Later it was found that they also act as flame retardants in certain plastics mainly by promoting char formation.

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