Our mission statement

INCENDIN is an investment and participation firm focusing on supporting and promoting durable growth and technological developments for companies in the fire safety branch.

We offer added value by making our expertise and experience available, by providing financial support and investment, through innovation and operational optimisation and with strategic advice and guidance.

The guiding principles, the focal points when providing support, are entrepreneurism, international expansion, buy-and-build strategy, innovation, durability, integrity, respect, ownership and the aforementioned operational optimisation.

Our companies

Incendin companies implement reliable technology, develop and produce environmentally friendly chemistry for both Passive (flame retardant and fire resistant materials) and Active (fire extinguishing agents) Fire Protection solutions.

We serve our customers with fully integrated, tailor-made solutions, partnering from initial R&D to just-in-time deliveries, based on deep application knowledge, production know-how, recognized brands and strong IP.

Passive fire protection

Active fire protection


Our location

Incendin NV
Brielen 2
B-2830 Tisselt


Tom Paemeleire, CEO