If we had to define the core of what Incendin does, we’d point to our slogan ‘Life Saving Chemistry’.

Incendin saves lives.

As a vital link in the firefighting chain, Incendin is aware of its responsibility. At some point in the future, human lives may depend on our products. We never lose sight of that reality. But fighting fire is more than just the flames. We have to bring a clean fight, or fire still wins.


The clean fight charter

In the fight against fire, everyone’s an ally. Firefighters and their suppliers, but also builders and building material makers: we all play our part in slowing and stopping fire as it spreads, saving lives in the process.

But simply fighting fire isn’t enough. We also need to change the way fire is fought. You can’t save a life, and then risk it again by using harmful substances.

If we don’t bring a clean fight, fire still wins.

With the Clean Fight Charter, we pledge to fight fire in a way that preserves the health of people and the environment. We lean on science to integrate eco-friendly formulations and innovate our processes to close waste streams and maximise recyclability.

We choose not the easiest way, but the best way.

We bring a bigger, cleaner fight to fire.

Because it’s the only way we’ll win.


When using Incendin products, you’re helping lead the charge towards safer and more sustainable firefighting. We are the frontrunner in halogen- and fluorine-free formulations, protecting both people and the planet. With our eyes firmly on a more sustainable future, we continue to invest heavily in firefighting products with minimal environmental impact.

Circular Business Model

To ensure our manufacturing process is as sustainable as our products, we embrace a circular business model and let nothing go to waste. With our closed-loop system, Incendin helps minimise the industry’s environmental footprint.

Cradle-to-Cradle Certification

Alongside our closed-loop processes, Incendin is also actively pursuing cradle-to-cradle certification for our main product lines. We believe that firefighting solutions should not only meet functional needs but also adhere to the highest standards of environmental responsibility throughout their life.


Talk comes cheap, and Incendin isn’t content hiding behind empty words. To showcase the actions and steps we’re taking in our sustainability journey, we are getting ready to release our first sustainability report. In this endeavour, we are following the Environmental and Social Reporting Standard (ESRS), to ensure we are as transparent and accountable as possible.


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