At Incendin, saving lives comes first. And that goes further than simply dousing the flames. Our broad range of active and passive fire protection products are formulated to safeguard both people and the planet, manufactured with sustainable ingredients and a cradle2cradle approach.

Our portfolio covers everything from fluorine-free fire extinguisher foams and liquids to flame-retardant coatings and additives. Our products undergo strict testing to ensure compliance with the latest standards.

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Fire extinguishing liquids
Available in both concentrates and premix solutions, our liquids cover all fire classes. Our A and B component formulations let you adapt the concentration as needed, ensuring optimal fire suppression capability tailored to your specific firefighting requirements.
Fire extinguishing powders
Our range of powders for portable fire extinguishers caters to diverse fire classes—ABC, BC, and D—ensuring comprehensive fire suppression capabilities for various environments and scenarios.
Fire fighting foams
Our fire-fighting foams are meticulously engineered for both mobile and fixed extinguishing systems. Tailored for use by Municipal Fire Brigades, Industrial sectors, Chemical industries, Marine, Offshore, and Aviation, Incendin foams set new benchmarks in effectiveness and environmental responsibility.
Fire resistant ductwork coatings, sealants & gaskets
Flamebar fire resistant duct systems provides complete protection to smoke extract ducts, non-domestic kitchen extract ducts, basement smoke & ventilation ducts, pressurised ducts and carpark extract duct systems. Providing solutions of +240 minutes to the ISO 834 cellulosic fire curve.
Flame retardant additives
Enhance your product’s fire safety with Our flame-retardant additives. Incorporated into materials during production, these substances or formulations reduce flammability and delay the ignition or spread of flames.
Flame retardant coatings
Custom, high-performance and sustainable flame-retardant treatments formulated according to your needs and specifications. Rely on the latest chemical innovations to enhance the fire properties of surfaces by preventing or delaying the spread of flames.

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