Fire fighting foams


Incendin fire-fighting foams are meticulously engineered for both mobile and fixed extinguishing systems, setting new benchmarks in effectiveness and environmental responsibility.
Incendin’s foam agent solutions are tailored to suit your industry’s specific needs:

  • Municipal Fire Brigades: combat fires swiftly and effectively in urban and residential settings.
  • Industrial and Chemical Industries: ensuring enhanced safety in industrial operations with firefighting foams made to tackle fires involving flammable liquids and hazardous chemicals
  • Marine & Offshore Applications: safeguard vessels against fire-related risks at sea
  • Aviation: ensure airport fire safety protocols are met with precision and efficiency,


Our FFC range is a new form of fire suppression that replaces conventional AFFF foam agents with environmentally friendly alternatives, free from fluor and silicones. With these fluorine-free FFC® foams, your fire suppression minimizes environmental impact without compromising on product performance, saving more lives in the process.


At Incendin, we don’t just deliver exceptional products – we provide comprehensive technical support to our customers.

Leveraging our extensive expertise in fire equipment, chemical agent formulations, fire test procedures, and certification requirements, our technical support team makes sure you get the perfect formulation for your needs.

In close collaboration, we offer guidance through fire tests and certification processes. With the help of our in-depth knowledge and experience, you’ll navigate these procedures with ease, guaranteeing compliance with industry standards and certifications.


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