In order to reduce emissions and energy consumption, the sustainability of current construction practices must be addressed, which leads to a more eco-friendly building sector. A great example is cellulose based insulation for buildings. Untreated cellulose insulation products are flammable which makes them highly unattractive with regard to fire safety! Treating them with the correct type of flame retardant formula overcomes this disadvantage, enabling competition with other building insulation materials (such as mineral based insulation products).

We developed a powerful fire retardant formula to significantly improve the fire rating of wood fibre-based thermal insulation. The product can also be used to improve the fire class of other insulation types based on flax, hemp, and cellulose. Our chemical engineers have succeeded in developing a flame retardant additive that does not affect the thermal insulation values of the finished products.

The product is a solid crystalline formula that dissolves very quickly and easily in water. This solution is dosed into the blowline. It is composed of a range of toxic free substances that reinforce each other and result in a wide range of benefits.

In addition to superior fire retardant properties, this formula has very good smoke suppression values. Thanks to our smart engineering, this product also has limited interaction with the binders used resulting in very good mechanical properties of the finished insulation products.  In addition, this flame retardant is a spectacular VOC catcher and will contribute significantly to the improved VOC values of the finished products..

Benefits & Features

  • Toxic-free and biodegradable
  • No Substances of Very High Concern
  • Very robust flame retardant performance
  • Low smoke emission
  • Limited interaction with resin
  • Low dosing level
  • Catcher of VOC emissions (esp. Formaldehyde)
  • Does not adversely affect the finishing of the panel
  • High compatibility with MDF production process
  • Very good mechanical properties of the panel

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