Flamebar BW11 Fire resistant ductwork systems can satisfy any requirement for ventilation, kitchen extraction, pressurisation or smoke extraction applications.

Flamebar systems have been designed and developed to be a lightweight, highly durable fire rated ductwork system complying with the latest standards.

Ablative coating system

Flamebar BW11 is a specially formulated water based ablative coating containing selected mineral fillers in a low permeability elastomeric binder. Its fire proofing properties are used to provide enhanced performance of the Flamebar fire rated ductwork system without the disadvantages of a intumescent system.

Our premium coating contains selected mineral fillers in a low permeability elastomeric binder to a nominal thickness of 0.7mm to give a finished product, which has been successfully tested for international use under cellulosic fire conditions for up to and including 4 hours duration.


Easy installation

The Flamebar BW11 ducts can be coated on site or in a factory environment. The finished sections are ready for installation. As the Flamebar BW11 system can be based upon DW144 or SMACNA ductwork construction standards, the fire duct sections can be constructed using the TDF or slide- on flange system and joined together incorporating the Flamebar intumescent gasket.

Product advantages

“If it can be made, it can be sprayed” Flamebar BW11 offers complete flexibility in design – rectangular, flat oval and circular ducts are available: If it can be made, it can be sprayed!    
“Easy to repair” Flamebar BW11 is available in two types of coating, spray and brush. Our brushable coating is mainly developed for repairs and touch-ups on site.
“A lightweight certified system” The Flamebar BW11 system is the lightest weight certified system on the market. Therefore, handling and site erection are made easier.


Flamebar systems, used worldwide

Flamebar used in Burj Khalifa for smoke extraction ducts
Burj Khalifa (UAE)
King Abdullah Financial District
King Abdullah Financial District (KSA)
Museum of the future
Museum of the future (UAE)
St-Pancras station (UK)

Witness the world’s largest fire test on a duct

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