Flamebar BW18 fire rated ductwork offers a low mass, highly durable solution which performs under the stresses from extreme and varying conditions e.g. climatic moisture and structural loading variations, as well as the effect of thermal shock during a fire.


The completed system has been tested to ISO 6944-1, EN 1366 Parts 1 and 8 up to temperature of 1110°c thus facilitating design freedom should a fire engineering approach be adopted.

Flamebar fire resistant ductwork BW18 is used for EN standard systems where a fire insulation rating is required. The finished coating product contains selected mineral filters in a low permeability elastomeric binder, to a thickness of 2mm and has been successfully tested for international use under cellulosic fire conditions.

Flamebar BW18 fire resisting ductwork system is produced in sections and assembled on site utilising tested fireproof gaskets/sealants. This provides peace of mind that compartmentation is maintained throughout the building, ensuring safe evacuation of occupants and access for fire-fighting services.

Tested to meet the latest BS EN1366-8 standard for up to 120 minutes integrity & insulation whilst maintaining 90% free area. This product is classified to BS EN 13501-4.




Easy installation

The Flamebar fBW18 duct system is applied off-site in factory conditions, providing speed and quality to the system. Completed sections are then installed on the project with 105 kg/m³ mineral wool, Flamebar sealant and Flamebar gasket, to complete the fully substantiated solutions.

Product advantages

“Complete system” Together with the 105 kg/m³ mineral wool insulation, Flamebar BW18 provides the complete fire resistant duct solution.
“Easy to repair” Flamebar BW18 can be hand applied to areas that require touch up through any handling damage.
“A lightweight certified system” Flamebar provides peace of mind that compartmentation is maintained throughout the building.


Flamebar BW18

Bond Street Station
South Key Plaze
Royal Mail
  • For associated Flamebar BW18 datasheets and EN classification documents, please contact us trough the contact form.

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