Fire Resisting Silicone Sealant

Our Fire Rated Silicone Sealant is used for sealing of joints and small gaps where high movement is required. It has good adhesion to porous and non‐porous substrates used in the construction industry.

FLAMEBAR Fire Rated Silicone Sealant has been tested in accordance with BS 476 part 22, 24 and BS EN 1366‐4, for FLAMEBAR BW11 and BW18 fire rated ducts to BS EN 1366‐1, 8 and 9, in a number of different configurations. The results of these tests are assessed and classified in accordance with BRE and BS EN 13501‐2 achieving 4 hour integrity and insulation rating for a range of linear and penetration seals.

Additionally, it is used for joints in compartment walls and floors, fire sealing joints, seals around lightweight partitioning and around fire rated doors and in service penetration seals, where integrity of fire walls or partitions needs to be maintained.



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